DETROIT Hot Dog Station

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The Detroit Hot Dog Station is our flagship and one of a kind. The unique high-profile design... more
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The Detroit Hot Dog Station is our flagship and one of a kind.

The unique high-profile design ensures the ultimate promotion. Top Speed: 450 hot dogs/ hour.

Gives your turnover wings!

We have developed the Hot Dog Station for the ultimate promotion and good turnover. Unique in design and with high-performance equipment, it is ideal for event catering and use on hot spots such as exhibition halls, airports and railway stations.

Fresh Grilled Hot Dogs!

The built-in grill is start-ready in no time. Your tasty sausages reach the serving temperature in less than 4 minutes.
It is easy to operate and easy to clean with its non-stick coating. The stainless steel bun warmer provides warm and juicy hot dog buns.

Hot Dog Show-Cooking

Mmmhh! Juicy firm sausages turn slowly on the grill and spread this tasty barbecue smell  ... Simply Irresistible!
Seduce anyone who walks by your hot dog stand. You will see how your fan base grows. Day after day, after day.

Style your Own Hot Dog!

The topping bar of the Hot Rod Dog Station is built in the side table on the customer side. This is convenient and appealing at the same time.
The four supplied ingredient containers are just stuck in the openings in the side table. Thus plenty of room for napkin dispensers and other sauces is left.
two HEINZ Dispense-O-Mat Dispensers come standard in the equipment package.

Ready for sale in no time! It's so simple

Open side tables, fold down roof sides. You only need a few steps to put the Hot Rod Dog station into operation.
And the station can be cleaned and closed again very quickly.
You are mobile and you come where your customers need you!

Cold is coming before hot!

The integrated stainless steel fridge from Liebherr ist perfect for the cooling of hot dog and open topping jars. Thanks to the convection cooling you are sure to have a constant temperature in the entire interior.
Security in two aspects: the thieves have no chance because of the lockable door. And with the built-in temperature display with alarm function you never lose sight of the cooling temperature of your goods.

Wash hands before serving!

The way it should be: You can pump the water from the 5-L fresh water tank by simply pressing the lever mixer. The provided heating rod warms the water up to pleasant temperature.
Sanitation is made ??easy: The treated water runs directly from basin into the tank. The tank can be carried comfortably and emptied by the next opportunity.

The roof, which has it all!

Perfect lighting and product presentation are combined here. Indirectly illuminated advertising panel is at the same time the price board with a lot of space for your offers.
For the best view of the hot dog show cooking you have a light bar with four halogen spotlights integrated.


  • 1 MANHATTAN '36 roller grill with 13 wheels and two heating zones for 36 sausages .
  • 1 bun warmer for heating and keeping warm of hot dog buns
  • 1 refrigeration compartment with 80 liters capacity .
  • 1 drawer with hygienic hand washing device, fresh and waste water tank
  • 2 storage compartments, lockable
  • 1 cash drawer, lockable
  • 4 Ingredients container including lid , spoon and tongs, work utensils such as bread knives and grill tongs
  • 1 Integrated, effective advertising price list (blackboard paint - box) in the roof structure


closed Stand : B 1.748mm x D 848mm x H closed/open : 1.999mm / 2.250mm
Overall width with two folded Tabels : 3,463 mm
Overall width when unfolded boom : 2.612 mm
Power consumption: 2 , 1KW / 230 V
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