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Cheese Server
Bid Description Supreme™ hot topping servers feature rounded corners and are constructed of brushed (#4) stainless steel bodies with black thermoset plastic bottom and top. Each dispense directly from a 3 quart (2.8 L) stainless steel...
€910.35 *
Stainless Steel Jar for Cheese Server
Ideal for use with our cheese Server! Instead of placing the entire can in the cheese warmer, fill only the amount of cheese in the stainless steel container that you just need and put it into the appliance. The pump cover of the...
€58.31 *
Lid for Stainless steel Jar
Our cover for the stainless steel container 2.8 L keeps the cheese sauce fresh and tasty. During storage, the lid protects the sauce from contamination and drying out. Specifications Color: black Material: plastic
€35.40 *
Combi Twin Food Server
The Combi food server is perfectly suited to keep warm and dispense drip-free and precisely with the stainless steel pump smooth sauces on one side, like our Cheddar cheese sauce or curry ketchup and the large stainless steel container...
€1,207.85 *
Chili Dog Saucewarmer
Bid Description This Food Server/Cooker feature rounded corners and are constructed of stainless steel body. An adjustable, precalibrated thermostat controls the heating element. The food warmer has a water fill line. An exclusive...
€533.12 *
Squeeze Bottle Warmer
Features Heat syrups and sauces for quick and easy drizzling and platescaping. Temperature sensing thermostat prevents overheating and reduces costly energy waste. Make topping and platescaping convenient withtheSqueeze bottletopping...
€534.31 *
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