Our Hot Dogs

Our Hot Dog World Originals

We bring you authentic American-style hot dogs with our Hot Dog World Originals. We bring a little piece of America to your hot dog stand with original street food classics such as the American Dog and the New York Dog. Bring a wide range of tastes to your customers with our exclusive varieties such as the Funky Dog, the Sweet Dog or the Fiesta Dog.

Or let your customers create their very own hot dogs at the attractive serving stations.

Whatever you decide: Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Quality is our highest priority

Our priority is to provide high-quality products, especially when it comes to our basics, sausages and bread. They are made in Germany to our specifications. We test the quality of our ingredients in use with our equipment. Every new development is retested. Our pickles and relishes are produced in Canada for an authentic hot dog experience. We have high standards in relation to our selection of ingredients. We follow strict criteria when selecting our suppliers. Therefore, our strengths are unique quality and taste.

Everything except meat?

Be well-prepared for the ever increasing market and demand for vegetarian and vegan products with our hot dogs. Our vegetarian Hot Dog Wurst is vegan. Over 90% of our sauces, pickles and relishes are also vegan.

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