Whether you are looking for a permanent or portable stand, a main stall or an extra, we have all you need for the successful sale of hot dogs.

Discover the biggest collection of expert hot dog equipment in our shop - we have hot dog units, stands, serving stations and accessories. You will also find a unique selection of the best hot dog ingredients to prepare the delicious HOT DOG WORLD ORIGINALS.

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Impressive design, promotional presentation and efficient preparation - that’s what selling hot dogs is all about and that’s what our sales stands offer!


Our expert units offer fast but careful hot dog preparation. They adjust to your needs to allow for small and large sales numbers.

Service Station Equipment

A feast for the eyes! Get everything you need for the perfect preparation and presentation of your hot dogs! Our modular systems easily meet the requirements for your intended use.


The tastiest hot dogs require the best ingredients. Quality and taste are our highest priorities! Enjoy our Hot Dog World Originals or create your very own hot dog.

Advertising Materials

Promote impulse buys with our advertising materials and increase your sales! We offer everything you need to make your hot dog stand and your products stand out – from posters and beach flags to roll-up posters and staff clothing.


We want to enable you to concentrate solely on your guests and so we try to make the preparations as easy as possible. Extensive advice, training and technical support, fast and reliable delivery – a full service concept.

There are only 5 steps to being ready to sell

  1. Decide whether you will sell your hot dogs in a fixed or temporary place, and as your main business or an extra.
  2. Give us a call! We advise you on which stand, device and serving solution is best for you. You are also very welcome to come and have a look at all our products.
  3. Feast at leisure on hot dogs while we advise you on your product selection.
  4. Allow us to give you a few sales tips and tricks. A briefing on the devices is also available if required.
  5. Let’s go! Time to sell, sell, sell!

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