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Cucumer Salad 4 L with sugars and sweeteners
Taistiness, the cucumber salad is a basic on a Hot Dog Danish style, sweet and sour inserted. Specifications Filling quantity: 4000 g Drained weight: 2500 g Residual time: 90 days Shelf life open: 5 days (chilled at 4 ° C)
Content 2.5 kg (€3.13 * / 1 kg)
€7.82 *
Hot Dog Bags 50
the Hot Dog bags made of parchment replacement (40q/ sqm) ar the inexpensive and environmentally friendly packaging for your Hot Dogs. CONTENT PER PACKAGING UNIT 50 FORMAT 80 mm x 210 mm PRINT 2-page inscription "Hot Dog World"...
€1.49 *
Cucumber Relish exotic 2,65 kg
Organic curry relish with crunchy cucumber pieces and a fruity mild taste. very aromatic relish not only for Hot Dogs, but also perfect for poultry dishes, toeverything short-fried Suitableas abase for delicious dips & sauces Ideal for...
Content 2.65 kg (€6.66 * / 1 kg)
€17.66 *
Cucumber Relish classic 325 g
Cucumber relish with spicy and fruity note. Delicious, delicate cucumbers made from high- quality ingredients.Hot Suitable as a base for delicius dips and sauces Ideal for Hot Dogs, burgers oder sandwiches. As a side dish with a balanced...
€4.07 *
Cucumber-Mustard Relish 325 g
Cucumber relish with dill note. Crunchy cucumber pieces with dill and mustard. Perfect for refining smoked, grilled or fried fish dishes. suitable as a base for delicious dips & steam; sauces Ideal for hot dogs, burgers or sandwiches. as...
€4.07 *
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