BOSTON Hot Dog Box

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The little Hot Dog Stand for flexible use Compact, fully equipped and fit for service in no... more
Product information "BOSTON Hot Dog Box"

The little Hot Dog Stand for flexible use

Compact, fully equipped and fit for service in no time. Ideal for catering, event catering.

Hot Dog Showcooking

Everything’s just perfect with the help of the integrated hot dog broiler of  QUEENS Hot Dog Stand: the great product presentation in the lit cooking chamber, easy operation and quick preparation of delicious buns and sausages. Top speed: 100 hot dogs / hour


Full range within a very small area.
Stylish, perfectly integrated and yet totally flexible. Crunchy gherkins, spicy hot pepper rings and crispy fried onions are presented in a very appetizing way before they land as a delicious topping on your customer hot dogs.
The toppingbar can either be hung on the server or client side, to the left or the right desk. So just as it is requires by your current location.

Working area

Every inch is fully utilized! Incredibly compact in the basic measurements and yet a true sales professional.
QUEENS Hot Dog Stand is in no time set up and ready for sale. It is predestinated for a large operating range through its clever design.

Hold Cold Thermobox

Up to 550 hot dog sausages fit into the COLD compartment of Mr. Frank Hot Dog stand.
Three freezer packs of gastronorm size 1/3 ensure sufficient cooling
(guarantee good cooling). The practical toploader system allows easily to remove sausages and opened glass jars.


Hand wash basin includedEquipped with a hand wash basin together with lever mixer and pump, the stand takes the requirements of food hygiene into account.
A 5-liter fresh water tank and a large waste water tank provide comfortable water supply and sanitation.
Well then: always stay nice and clean!

Individual hot dog stand design

The hot dog promotional umbrella cannot be ignored.
Do you have your own brand? Then we can also produce the umbrella with your logo. Several colors and color combinations are available.
The umbrella is handmade of high quality, waterproof awning fabric.


Dimension: W 890 (2368) x D 720 x H 1650 (2200) mm
Capacity: 56 Dogs/ 24 Buns
Power: 1411 W / 230 V
Weight: 75 kg
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