Combi Twin Food Server

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The Combi food server is perfectly suited to keep warm and dispense drip-free and precisely with... more
Product information "Combi Twin Food Server"

The Combi food server is perfectly suited to keep warm and dispense drip-free and precisely with the stainless steel pump smooth sauces on one side, like our Cheddar cheese sauce or curry ketchup and the large stainless steel container with attached lid and cut-out for the ladle can optimally heat and serve chili con carne or other toppings. Two separately controlled boiler take with the water bath care that the contents are heated gently and evenly.


  • The two stainless steel inserts have a maximum mark to prevent overfilling with water.
  • Each boiler has his own on / off switch. The two adjustable, calibrated 500 watt heating elements can be regulate individual in a temperature range from 38 ° C to 93 ° C.
  • For optimum temperature control is a temperature scale located on the thermostats.

The stainless steel container with lid

  • The hinged lid is after opening in an upright position so that you can dispense your product safely from the container.
  • The cover design collects the rising moisture on the lid edge and runs back into the container when the lid were closed. Texture and flavor of the product stays consistent.
  • The stainless steel insert has a capacity of 4.7 liters.
  • Even with open lid the Combi Food Server heat the products in a maximum of 2 hours from 4 to 73.8 ° C.
  • This product is able to heat even frozen products to serving temperature and is certified by the NSF.

The stainless steel insert with stainless steel pump

  • the integrated ball valve of the pump allows drip-free portioning
  • With the unique spout warmer the cheese sauce always remains warm and liquid, sticking and crusting is prevented.
  • the maximum lift amount is 30ml.
  • Gauging collars are supplied to reduce the yield in ¼ ounce (7 mL) increments.
  • included are two cleaning brushes for cleaning and maintenance of the pump. The stainless steel insert has a capacity of 2.8 liters

Standard equipment

  • 1 base made of stainless steel with two boilers
  • 2 Adjustable, precalibrated thermostats for accurate heat control
  • 1 stainless steel insert 4.7 liters with lid
  • 1 stainless steel pump with valve body of one piece.
  • 1 stainless steel inserts 2.8l
  • CE certified device

2 years warranty


Dimensions: W 432mm x D 244mm x H 338mm
Performance: 1,000 watts / 230V
Shipping weight: 9.1kg
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