MANHATTAN `36 Rollergrill

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Equipment Packages to fit your operations Available in a variety of sizes to fit your counter... more
Product information "MANHATTAN `36 Rollergrill"

Equipment Packages to fit your operations

Available in a variety of sizes to fit your counter space

  • MANHATTAN ´33 (12 rollers hold 33 Hot Dogs)
  • MANHATTAN ´36 (10 rollers hold 36 Hot Dogs)
  • MANHATTAN ´45 (10 rollers hold 45 Hot Dogs)

Unit is designed to be used in a "clerk served" operation or in a customer "self-serve" merchandising plan. For counters between clerk and customer, the Flat Roller Grill is available with reversible "rear controls" and a "pass-through" sneeze guard

Designed to deliver great tasting Hot Dogs

  • Roller Grill heats quickly and has a fast recovery for unexpected surges in demand.
  • Heating system has two cooking zones that can be turned to Grilling temperatures for cooking Hot Dogs in less than 4 minutes* and turned down to NSF-safe holding temperatures for serving customers.

    *Grill times based on Pre-heated roller grill (about 10 minutes warm up cycle).

Easy to Operate and Maintain

  • "Easy to read" graphics and heavy duty knobs on the control panel make it easier for employees to operate at the correct temperatures.
  • Infinite Control system gives operator the maximum ability to adjust temperatures to a variety of hot dogs, sausage, egg roll, or other roll type products.
  • Roller Grill is designed to require minimal labor:
    • 360° roller rotation prevents residue buildup.
    • The Nemco properietary Gripslt™ roller coated effectively „grips“ food items that slip and fail to rotate on chrome. Yet, like crome, Gripslt is easy to clean, just wiped clean with a damp rag.
    • Raised rollers allow cleaning in "hard to reach" areas.
    • Stainless-steel construction and a removable drip pan make routine clean up easy

Built for Long Life!

  • Motor design has been engineering-specified for marathon commercial grade endurance. It includes stainless-steel bearings and a stainless-steel housing that is sealed against heat, oils and common food debris.
  • Individual heating elements in each roller evenly distribute wattage for uniform cooking performance across the entire roller surface.

Reliability Backed by our Warranty

Our Roller Grill is backed by 1 year limited warranty and a one year on-site labor warranty.

Supporting Products

  • Bun Warmer MANHATTAN ´36
  • Sneeze Guard MANHATTAN ´36

Product Specifications

Dimensions: W749 mm x D413 mm x H178 mm
Electrical Specifications: 1.500 W/ 230V
Weight: ca. 25 kg
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