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Pulled Pork BBQ-Style 6 x 500 g
So juicy, so delicious! The origin of Pulled Pork is in the south of the US. The thickly pork is cooked slowly in hot fume for hours until it is easy to pull apart with the fork. Not only barbecue fans swarm on this tender and tasty meat...
Content 3 kg (€17.10 * / 1 kg)
€51.29 *
Pulled Chicken "Nature-Style" 6 x 500 g
It doesn´t always have to be Pulled Pork! The pulled chicken is cooked very slowly like the pulled pork. Due to the fine taste "Nature-Style" it is particularly versatile and a lean, tender alternative to our Pulled Pork "BBQ Style". Our...
Content 3 kg (€17.03 * / 1 kg)
€51.09 *
Crispy Sliced Bacon 6 x 250 g
Everything tastes better with Bacon! Our delicious bacon is not only for breakfast, this American classic also render hot dogs and burgers a special touch. Our recipe idea, your customers will love it: Western Dog with bacon, BBQ...
Content 1.5 kg (€25.17 * / 1 kg)
€37.76 *
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