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Dev_Gurek_Relish.jpg Develey Gurken Relish 875 ml
The perfect serving station for self-service in the customer area. Features The condiment center contains 4 stainless steel pans size GN 1/6 with a depth of 150 mm and 2.2 liters. Hygienic perfectly through the acrylic sneeze guard. the...
Content 0.875 l (€5.43 * / 1 l)
€4.75 *
Dev_Paprika_Rel.jpg Develey Paprika Relish 875 ml
Features The removable, integrated bin has a stainless steel lid and enabled the hygienic storage of 1000 g roasted onions. The dispenser keeps roasted onions much longer fresh. Per rotation on the scroller get the onions in 6 g portions...
Content 0.875 l (€5.43 * / 1 l)
€4.75 *
Mango_Relish.jpg Develey Mango Relish 875 ml
The Hot Dog take away Box is perfect for hot dogs. Due to the exact fitting for Hot Dog World Hot Dogs the hot dog stays upright in the packaging and does not fall apart. CONTENT PER PACKAGE: 100 pieces DIMENSIONS: L 155 mm x W 50 mm x H...
Content 0.875 l (€5.43 * / 1 l)
€4.75 *
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