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Bähncke - Dänische Remoulade 400 g
Features Ideal for use with Crocks or Bowls. Use to serve up the perfect amount of dressing or food ingredient. Angled for easy handling with a side rest so ladles don’t slip into crocks or serving bowls. Made of virtually unbreakable...
Content 0.4 kg (€5.73 * / 1 kg)
€2.29 *
Bähncke - dänischer Hot Dog Ketchup 405 g
Food can be held without getting dried out, increasing yields. Product specifications: Dimensions: 178 mm x 165 mm Color: white
Content 0.405 kg (€5.65 * / 1 kg)
€2.29 *
Bähncke - süßer Hot Dog Senf 425g
The TORK Dispenser Napkins are suitable for Napkin dispenser 83230 Material: tissue Strength: one-ply Dimensions: 32 x 33 cm Packing unit: 250 Pieces
Content 0.425 kg (€5.39 * / 1 kg)
€2.29 *
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