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Cucumer Salad 4 L with sugars and sweeteners
Taistiness, the cucumber salad is a basic on a Hot Dog Danish style, sweet and sour inserted. Specifications Filling quantity: 4000 g Drained weight: 2500 g Residual time: 90 days Shelf life open: 5 days (chilled at 4 ° C)
Content 4 kg (€2.46 * / 1 kg)
€9.84 *
Gherkin Salad "Norwegian style" 580 ml
Cucumber salad made only from the best ingredients from an original Scandinavian recipe. Perfect for hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches. With a sour taste and a crunchy bite, they ensure a real taste experience. Data Filling quantity: 530...
Content 530 g (€0.00 * / 1 g)
€2.19 *
PAULSEN Sauerkraut 720 ml
The finest sauerkraut in a practically lockable 720 ml glass. Mild and aromatic and made only with the best white cabbage and salt through natural lactic acid fermentation in the barrel. Served cold or warm with mustard and fried onions...
Content 530 kg (€0.00 * / 1 kg)
€1.79 *
Gherkin Salad "Norwegian style"
The perfect gherkin salad for hot dogs Danish style. Perfect for hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches. With a sweet and sour taste and a crunchy bite for a great taste experience. Data Filling quantity: 1000 g Drained weight: 550 g Remaining...
€4.13 *
HEINZ Salsa Extra Hot 100 x 25 g - Dip Pot
Some like it hot! Scharfe Salsa mit Paprikastückchen, Zwiebeln und Jalapeno Chili? Daten Verpackung: 100 x 25g Dip Pot MHD mind.3 Monate
Content 2.5 kg (€8.78 * / 1 kg)
€21.94 *
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